November 6, 2014

Freezer Burned

When we cleaned out the garden I left our broccoli plants.  The broccoli will continue to grow side shoots even during cold days.  But then before I could pull them it snowed.
Days and weeks have passed and even though it has been on the to do list, I just haven't had time to get out to the garden to pull those last few broccoli plants.  Josh was out playing with the kids the other day and went in to get them for me.  Much to his, and the kids, delight they also got to enjoy a little bit of a snack of frozen baby broccoli shoots.  It is these types of random surprises that make wonderful snacks for hungry little sledders.  


Anonymous said...

Are you saying the kids ate the frozen broccoli stalks as a treat? Weird.


mother said...

oh, yum! I assume they had a warm cheese sauce to dip the frozen stalks in, right???


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