November 7, 2014

Car Races

I am sure you can already tell from this past month's blog posts, but winter has arrived to Alaska.  Thus winter days of indoor play are already a month in and we are dreaming of next May.  But as much as I might look to the future the kids need things to have fun today.  They are really good about finding fun with their every day toys but still, this mama needs to switch things up for them as much as I can.
So coming up with the idea of boxes being made into cars for car races was a big hit last week.
Ethan has quickly learned the term "ready, set, go" and then he slowly scoots around the basement - thus earning his car name of putt putt.
Meanwhile, Abigail jumps out of the starting box and we therefore have dubbed her purple streak.  The kids love this.  We have had car races daily for the past seven days and it is a good outlet for a bunch of energy.  Of course in between the races the kids like to take on the game of bumper cars and so the boxes have been taped here and there.  Abigail likes to point out all of her "car accidents" to me when they play.
And even though her legs might not fit in a car yet, Naomi loves to be part of the races as well.  She never gets tired of watching her crazy siblings run and run and run in circles.  And after lap 20 she realized that the races just might be more fun to watch upside down.  Winter is long, that is for sure, but we are all learning that it is the perspective in which you view those days that really makes the winter go by successfully.

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