November 24, 2014

All I Want

The fred meyer 8 page toy magazine came out not too long ago.  The kids and I have been having so much fun.  I have to admit I love watching the kids pour over those 8 pages of fun, bright, exciting and possible toys.  Right now I don't tell them they will get the toys or not get the toys.  I don't promise and they don't really expect.  What this is right now is excitement.  I love seeing how they pick things that maybe I might not have thought they would notice.  I like seeing them go for different things but stop to admire what the other person was interested in.  I like the conversations that come out of seeing all that is out there for kids to have.
Josh gets concerned that looking at this ad will cause a sense of unnecessary want.  I can understand that concern.  I can see how he can be anxious about the "I want, I want, I want".  There is a fear that gratitude for what we have will be lost.  But I also remember as a child pouring over the magazines that would come in the mail.  Taking a marker and circling almost everything and then slowly over days going back and back and back over those choices.  There was never a belief that I would have all of those items someday but the hope of getting something was so exciting.  I know Christmas is different in every house and I know you might feel very different about the Christmas ad then I do but for now it gives me a smile and it helps me get to know my kids, and what they love, just a little bit more.

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