July 9, 2014

Ann Getty - Alaskan Style

Naomi is a daytime sleeper and a night time owl these day.  So much so that when Hillary and I were on the tour last week we were able to put her however we wanted where ever we thought too.
 And thus we began our Ann Getty photo shoot with spruce branches and caribou furs
A beaver pelt and an old scale from the pioneering days in Alaska
And best of all, Naomi taking a rest on a bear skin bed at a fishing camp.  We had so much fun and Naomi was the best model we could have asked for.  Too bad I already made her birth announcements.

**This post is dedicated to my friend Kevin Riley.  I thought of him the entire time we did these pictures and each time I look at them since he cannot stand Ann Getty.  His distain for her pictures always makes me laugh.**


mother said...

Cutest pictures!!!!! Naomi could certainly be an Anne Geddes' model wrapped in cloth or hanging in a sheet. haha. Clever pictures on animal skins.

Anonymous said...

I can still see the people's faces when they saw us putting this 31 day of infant on their ancient furs probably infested with who knows what. But the pictures are worth it!

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