July 8, 2014

A Day on The River

One fun thing about company is that as a local I get the chance to be a little bit of a tourist.  The world of tourism is so fun and always the town's best foot is put forth.  As a local it is fun to sometimes step into that world and be reminded of how it is fun to live in a place that many people travel thousand of miles to visit.  
 Hillary, Naomi and I spent one afternoon together on the Riverboat Discovery.  A fun tour that goes up and down our Chena River and talks about the history of Fairbanks and all things Alaskan.
 Hillary's favorite part was the dog mushing demonstration 
 and my favorite part was the hour we walked around the tourist village that the riverboat company has built
 It was a fun afternoon of beautiful things
 Time on the river and
 showing Hillary different things (and watching her pose for a picture even though it grossed her out)
but the best part of the afternoon had nothing to do with Alaska, the tour company or what we saw.  The best part was that Hillary was in town and we were together to pose on someone's random porch together.  With Hillary making memories is always a fun time and involves a lot of laughs.  


mother said...

FUN multiplied X 2 and then carried to the 10th. What a super adventure and now you can no longer say, "I always wanted to go on the riverboat."

Beth said...

"With Hillary making memories is always a fun time and involves a lot of laughs."


I loved this post! :)


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