June 3, 2014

Welcome Naomi Cecilia

On Sunday we had planned to meet our little girl.  But as it would go, she had other ideas.  A call from the hospital at 2pm told us there was finally room for us to grab our hospital bag and head in.  Once there we started induction, the same way we had with Ethan, by use of a small tablet.  This worked so well with Ethan and so I had assumed it would be the same for our new little lady.
But for hours, all night long, the contractions would come and the contractions would go with no steady pattern.  With Josh and my mom taking turns with me we walked and walked and walked.  Outside (thank goodnes for our long days of daylight) and inside in the hospital halls.  Come morning my dr. would scold me and let me know that I couldn't walk myself into labor.  But I had to do something.  Come Monday morning, no baby or steady labor had occurred so I packed up my hospital bag and decided to just head home.

But then as the nurse walked into my room with the discharge paperwork something happened.  The contractions picked up.
Then just like that we were going to have a baby.  A crazy fast hour and half later this lady arrived at 9:27am.
Our Naomi Cecilia Klynstra
Our 9 lb 7 oz baby girl.
We are all in love with her and can't believe life without her already.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! She is beautiful. Blessings on you all. carol

Heath said...

Oh how very wonderful my friends!!! She's so beautiful and looks as if she fills the meaning of her name already. Love you five. So thankful God provided a healthy little girl and momma in His timing.

lindajo said...

Just so happy for everyone 💗

Anonymous said...

She is so big- I can't believe she was inside of you!!! You poor poor girl.
I love her already too!

mother said...

So perfect, so new from heaven to us all!

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