June 23, 2014

Summer Solstice

This past weekend was a fun, and pretty important, one for Fairbanks, Alaska.  The celebration of the summer solstice in the land of the midnight sun is a pretty big deal to those of us that live here.  So much of our year is dark and cold that when it comes time to celebrate a day when it doesn't get dark at all we enjoy it to its fullest.
 We took the kids to the street fair and enjoyed just being out in the sun, crowds and activity.
 The real fun part of the day for the kids was the chance at a pony ride.
 Abigail loved it, Ethan not so sure at first.
 Even Naomi couldn't help but be excited about her first solstice.  She slept through a lot of it since that is what she does these days - sleeps all day so she can be up all night.  The sun doesn't set right...
Fire trucks, people, colors, music and fun
It was a day to be celebrated for sure!

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