June 16, 2014

Father's Day

Yesterday was our day to celebrate the best dad I know.  But with the presence of a newborn in our home it wasn't a day of rest for Josh at all.
 He didn't get to sleep in, he gave the big kids their breakfast solo, he mowed the lawn and helped take care of the kids all day.
 And after everyone else had gone to bed exhausted he ate his store bought celebratory dessert by himself in the evening since no one else was left awake to join him.  
And as I said I am sorry I couldn't give you a more special day he smiled and said, "but today, I got to be a dad."  Other years will be different and more restful for him I know but I also know that no matter what my kids are so blessed that this great man is their dad and there is nothing else he loves more.


Anonymous said...

Kathleen, I can't tell you how I enjoy your blog!. Always such great pictures and info ! carol

Anonymous said...

That is a good tribute to a good dad for sure!


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