June 17, 2014


Our world around here right now involves babies.  
 With the presence of Naomi the kids are learning more and more about babies.  What they eat, how they sleep, how they spit up, clothing changes, diaper changes and all.  And as my "big" kids watch Naomi I get to watch them take care of their babies.
 The doll babies around this house have been in high demand the past two weeks.  They are nursed, changed, carried, rocked, bathed and cared for 
just like their sister.  The best way to learn is to watch.  But no matter how fun their baby dolls are, when Naomi enters the room it is only her that they both want.  Babies, babies - so very special and fun for all.


Anonymous said...

There's that pretty grandma and that dear Naomi! Looks like sweet contentment! carol

mother said...

Just once I'd like the camera to come out when I have on some make up and a clean shirt!!!

lindajo said...

I am so happy to finally see a picture of momma
with the babies.

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