June 27, 2014

Another Project

You might remember the blog posts from last fall where I showed you Abigail's new desk.  We had originally found it at the free market a few years ago, all rusty and beat up.  We sanded, scrubbed and repainted the desk into the perfect set for Abigail.  
Abigail loves her desk so much.  We knew at the time that the main problem was going to be that we had only one.  But there really isn't a great store to buy these all in one desks anymore.  But then this past spring something fun happened.  We were driving home from town and started to pass a truck.  The back of the truck was full of trash but at top was a desk.  I mentioned to Josh that I bet that truck is going to the transfer site.  Wouldn't it be fun to get that desk.  Josh just looked at me with the "are you serious" look.
But I was serious and so follow that truck we did.  And the couple in the truck was more than happy to hand over their well worn desk to us.  But here we are with a full car and no way to really get it home.  After some search around the dumpsters (transfer sites are great for finding things) we found a bit of electrical cord that we could use to tie down the hatch.
And bring home the new desk for Ethan.  This one, just like the other, needs a lot of work.  The body is rusted and the wood top will need to be replaced.  But with a woodworker in the family these things are all possible.  So with bits of time here or there Josh is going to take this desk apart and get to work.  Ethan is very excited for the day when he has a big boy desk just like his big sister.  Only problem now...we will have only two.  Lucky for us Naomi is still small enough not to care just yet.  We will have to keep our eyes out for number three.  I am learning you just never know where they will come from.

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Anonymous said...

That was a good find, and for free. You will get a lot of use out of that desk. carol

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