May 5, 2014


To go along with our warm winter, we have had a fairly short winter and an early spring that has been quite pleasant.  Normally there is a 2 week period where the roads are so muddy and wet that every vehicle on the road looks like a 4x4 truck after a fun weekend.  This year, however, the 2 week time was shortened to only a few days and the kids and I were able to get out and clean  the winter's grime from the fleet.
This is a true sign of summer.  Unfortunately we live on a dirt road and I am not ambitious enough to do this every week like I should. So we will enjoy the color of our cars while we can. Before long they will be dusty once again.

1 comment:

mother said...

At least this car is the color of road dust and it doesn't show THAT bad. So nice to have a helper, huh???

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