May 8, 2014

Spring Cleaning

The arts and cracks in these pictures took place about three weeks ago.  So when you look at the pictures don't think we still have this much snow in our yard.  It is sadly all gone.  We love the warmer weather but I now have to trek far and wide to find small piles of snow to consume.  

The other day the kids wanted to do arts and cracks and well, our deck table was super dirty from the long winter.
 So I let the kids help with the cleaning.  Not much cleans a glass table top as well as four little hands and a pile of shaving cream.  
There are many wonderful about things about our deck.  One of which it is a great place for arts and cracks and loads of messes.  Bring on the freedom of more messy fun.

1 comment:

mother said...

Once again you use your innate ability of super creative mothering to make fun time productive. Way to go, girl!
But stop eating from random piles of old, disintegrating snow, please. Yuck!!


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