May 1, 2014

Something To Remind Us To Smile

When we were in Homer Josh and I visited a lot of art galleries.  We were looking for something.  
 Something special.  Something that would fit our home, and maybe make us rearrange the furniture to fit.  Something big enough to fill our walls and cause us to look up, just a little.
 Something that would bring memories of our time together, and of this time in our life as we wait for our little number three to arrive.
 Something that would remind us of Homer.  It was really me who picked this piece and Josh who gave in to my pleas.  I couldn't help it, I fell in love.  It is a combination of paper art and watercolor.  The flowers, bluffs, Kachemak Bay and the mountains - ahh, Homer.  I love that this picture now hangs in our living room.  It brings smiles to my face each and every single day.   
And with our rearranging we had to move our James Adcox northern lights art.  How fun it was to finally hang something on our big, and until now empty, wall.  New goal for 2014 - have this piece reframed into something appropriate.  Love how we are finally able to put up art that draws our eyes up and around our house.  Might as well use these tall walls and steep ceilings, right?


lindajo said...

It is absolutely gorgeous. I can see why it makes you smile.

Anonymous said...

Looks great and I like how it makes you look up like you said!

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