May 28, 2014

Sensory Play

Last winter I made a rice sensory box for the kids to play with.  They love it, a lot more than I do.  You see it is quite messy.  Those pieces of rice get everywhere.  I know sensory play is super important and I always feel bad about how I limit it due to the mess.    
So you must realize how happy I was when I thought of it the other day when the kids were playing on the deck.  With spoons, cups, and other toys buried in their bucket of rice the kids played for almost an hour (and seemed to eat their fill of raw rice as well).  When they were done I just took a broom to the deck and clean up was done.  Ahh, sweet success - kids had fun and mama didn't have a mess through the house.   Good summer activity to remember.

**I am also learning as a mama the number one way to keep the kids happy outside each day is to put a bucket of water in the driveway.  The kids do something different with that bucket of water each time and there is always lots of fun.  Oh how I love outdoor play.**  

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Beth said...

I feel the same way about the rice! I switched to beans... I think pinto beans were the cheapest. They are still a pain to clean up, but less dusty. One time the boys spilled probably half of the tub of beans on the deck, and they fell through the cracks... and then we had bean plants growing through! :)

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