May 14, 2014


Josh and I have been asking each other recently if we are getting stuck in a routine and reminding ourselves to get out of it.  The kids are young, they have so many years ahead where they will have to be big and grown up.  We want them to stay young.  We don't want to get stuck in the routine of feeding them, caring for them, putting them to bed.  We want to remind ourselves to break out of the routine and remember each day is special.
This conversation was conducted in detail last Friday night after I had rocked Abigail for 20 minutes as she struggled to settle down to bed.  It was a good conversation and a good reminder before the start of the past few days.  To say it simply, things have been hard.  There has been very, very, very little sleep here and that is before the baby is born.  
Abigail is suffering for a serious case of allergies from our recent pollen explosion.  There is sneezing, lots of nasal discharge and the coughing, wheezing, facial swelling and more.  We have started with allergy meds, breathing treatments and more.  Not much seems to be working.  We went to a dr. at a walk in clinic on Saturday but are going to see "our" doctor this afternoon.  
As we reaching day six of very little sleep for all of us the fun in life is getting smaller and harder to find.  We are hoping that the dr today will help us find the right solution to bring relief to our little lady and thus all of us.  Why is it these conversations about family, kids and what we have always seem to come right before the fire?  It has been a good reminder to hold on the past few days and even as we have to dig deep to keep life from just becoming routine.    


Melissa said...

Thinking of you and hoping for relief for you and your fam soon.

mother said...

Poor little Abigail and her allergy miseries. You wait sooooooo long for those trees to finally get leaves and then BAM! allergies flare up to said leaves and pollen. Just not fair, I say!!

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