May 22, 2014


If you have followed our blog at all you know that we like to garden and garden big.  Over the years the garden has grown from buckets as we built our house to a plot and then a few years ago, a greenhouse.  Each year Josh prepares the space for me and I fill it up, to the brim.  

This year is a little different.  I decided that I wouldn't be able to handles 50 plus broccoli/cauliflower/tomato starts in the garden.  All of those starts would have had to be transplanted this week and then tended to carefully for a few weeks as they took root (all a week or so before my due date).  It was just too much.  So this year I have focused more on seeds.  Basil seeds in the greenhouse, bean, pea, carrot, parsley and lettuce seeds in the main garden.  No, the garden wouldn't be full full but it would still have something.
And with that Josh had the first job to complete, preparing the beds.  The hoeing and mixing of compost into the soil is a big job and Josh is always willing to step into that role.  This year he had a little helper, of course.  The work is going on, can't wait to show you our 2014 garden soon.

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mother said...

I zoomed in on the pic and saw little Ethan with his trowel and claw. Really putting in some effort. And Josh is so good to always be willing to dig and sweat in the garden. Two hard working men in that house.

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