May 23, 2014


The to do list of items to do before the baby arrives is almost complete.  As we have rearranged and prepared for our new little one we have tried to balance getting things ready with how much Abigail and Ethan can take in.  We put the cradle in our room a few weeks ago.  Then a changing station was developed and as of last night, the pack n' play was set up for the living room.  Small changes that won't overwhelm the kids but at the same time get them used to the change before a baby is added to the mix as well.  
 With the pack n' play in place we have been practicing how to care for a baby.  It was fun to see how many baby dolls were thrown into this bed within minutes of their morning play.  A place for babies, well that worked for them.  So with a little guidance I helped them choose one, lay out a receiving blanket, wrap her up, give her a toy and gently remind (many times) we don't cover a baby's face.
There is no way to complete prepare an older sibling for the new arrival of a younger one, I know this.  But it is fun to see them get excited.  We practice carrying our baby dolls, feeding them, changing them and all the while talk about how we will soon get to do this with their new little sister.  The next few weeks are going to bring big changes but you know what, I think we are ready.  Now to remind Ethan one more time, big boys don't climb in the pack n' play...we will get this, right?  

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