May 16, 2014

Learning The Correct Etiquette

We love tea parties at our house.  The presence of a guest in our house meant we had to bring out our best snacks, cups, tea and treats for grammie.
 We made it really special by actually having real tea for the first time (usually I just provide water).
And with those high standards came the presence of the pinkie in the air.  Yes, we are going for high class.  Just goes to show that even at 19 months you can start to learn the important things in life.
As we sat there enjoying our tea I couldn't help but remember the first tea party Ethan was "invited" to by Abigail, but not allowed to touch.  We have come a long way.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Linda is quite a trooper to have her tea party at the miniature kids' table- that is a sweet accommodating grandma for you!
I still remember how funny that pictures was of the "first sibling tea party" when you posted it last year.
Finally- I would blow up that picture of ethan with his pinkie in the air into a poster and stick it on the wall- it is absolutely that epitome of his life as he knows it- it is a wonderful action shot that should never be forgotten!

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