May 21, 2014

Home Entertainment

When we go to the playgrounds in town the number one attractor for our kids is always the swings.  With the impending arrival of our new little one the trips to our parks might be limited for awhile. 
 So to solve that problem Josh built our own little swing set system right here at home.
 And as always his "helper" was not far away from all of the action.  (except for the time that Josh had to climb about 20 feet up in the air to ratchet strap the trees apart to get just the right spacing for the swing set's main support.  When that happened Ethan was inside with me.)  Good to remember that when you are a lowly assistant pants are optional.
 But the main perk of being an assistant is that you get to be the first one who goes for a ride on the new swing.
With Ethan's seat and Abigail's new "big girl" seat we are set, with plenty of room for future swing number three.  The kids love it.  Absolutely love it and we find our selves out for a swing daily.  How fun to play at home where there is always a swing just for you.


Anonymous said...

Great job on that swing set! That Ethan is just too cute!

Anonymous said...

He is very confident to get on the swing after he built it- that is a man who know how to make things strong!

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