May 19, 2014

Frozen vs. Canned

The early spring we are in is not the usual time to be canning foods.  But with my mother-in-law on her way to visit a few days I knew this was the time to get on of my "someday" projects done.  You see I have a whole bunch of salmon and chicken in my freezer that is great there but would be a lot better if it was in my pantry. 
 So with my canning helper (she always so confident with the pressure canner while I have small nervous attacks as I put on the sealed lid) we set to work.  She even was smart enough to bring her canner with her as well and with two hissing and steaming on the stove we worked through all of salmon, chicken and broth that we had set out to can. 
No, I don't have a bunch of meals in the freezer for after the baby is born but with this food defrosted and cooked in the pantry meal prep just got that much easier.  Thanks mom for the help and the confidence.  The pantry is a fuller, better place these days because to a canner there really is nothing as beautiful as a row of canned, and sealed, jars of food all processed and ready for use. 

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mother said...

Linda looks so pretty in this picture. What a terrific help she has been with caring for the little ones, the parents, and canning all that food. Yay for Linda!!!!

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