May 6, 2014

For The Next Generation

Earlier this winter Josh was commenting on how he wondered what ever happened to some of his action figures, cars and toys from growing up.  We have accumulated a lot of his childhood items over the years and I thought we had it all.  I told him his mom had probably cleared it all out years ago but I was wrong.
When we visited his parent's house last month Josh found one more lost box.  This box was a golden box to our kids.  It was full of cars, teenage mutant turtles, play mobile men and horses, GI Joes, other Action figures, beads Josh had made from clay, this car mat, and more.  Slowly we have been putting some of this or that out for the kids and they couldn't be more excited.  How fun to see the next generation love the same items as Josh did when he was a small boy.

1 comment:

mother said...

Some things just never age! Never get old! It must make Josh happy to see his kids playing with his toys.

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