May 30, 2014


The past few weeks have found me setting work aside as much as possible and using my attention and hands to hold Abigail and Ethan.  Is there a way prepare little kids really for the changes a new baby will bring?  I don't know but I long to fill their emotional banks as much as possible these last few days.  We read, cuddle, play dr., with stickers, color, sing and more.  Things are busy around the house but oh how I am trying to do one on one, or one on two, simple play that lets me touch, focus and have face to face time with both of the kids.  Soon my hands will be full of a little new one that needs me in a different way than these two "big" kids of mine do but oh how they will need me as well.  
We talk of the baby, they feel the baby move within my big belly, grandma has arrived to help us out and new surprises have been arriving for both the baby as well as big sister and big brother.  Changes are evident but as I change as a mother of two to a mother of three I just pray that I can be all they each need me to be.  

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mother said...

After being here for just 2 days, I can tell you without reservation that the emotional banks of these children are filled to overflowing!! There will be adjustments and changes, but the love that fills this house is tangible and rich. No worries, my dear. You have done an AMAZING job of mothering two and you will naturally pour that love into tiny #3 without a conscious thought.

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