May 15, 2014

A Visitor

 Last week we had a visitor and a big helper come stay with us, Josh's mom.
The kids had a wonderful week with grammie and Josh and I were super blessed with not only her company but her help as well.  So many projects were completed and when the day came for her to go home she saw that I was hurting and changed her life around to stay a few more days.  We are so thankful for everything.  When the time did come for her to go home my blood pressure had dropped back to safe numbers, my swelling had decreased (a little), and the long list of things to get done before the baby is born was mostly done.  Thanks mom for being there when we needed it!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We were all so happy when she was there with you for company and support in a late pregnancy time of need!
Also, I like Josh's shirt in this picture!

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