May 13, 2014

8 Years

Today is a special day at our house.
 8 years ago Josh and I made the decision in front of family and friends that together we would face life.
 Since then we have built a house
 Explored many parts of Alaska
 And enjoyed travel around the other 49 states, as well as internationally.  
We celebrated as our relationship together lead to Abigail's arrival
 and then just 21 months later...Ethan's.
I am thankful for Josh daily and for the life we have been blessed with.  A lady approached me on Sunday and let me know that she and her husband share an anniversary with Josh and me.  This year as we celebrate 8 years she will be celebrating 53 years.  As we went our separate ways I couldn't help but pray that we would be as lucky.  Marriage is hard work yes, but so worth it.

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mother said...

Congratulations, both of you! Marriage is all about commitment and sticking with it-through good AND bad!! You have done a lot in the first 8 years. It's OK to slow down a bit for the next few...

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