May 29, 2014

2014 Garden

We are so happy to report that the 2014 garden is in.  It is not as big and glorious as years past but it is what we can handle right now.  
 A few fun points, we planted potatoes from seed potatoes we let sprout from our harvest last year.  I do believe these potatoes were as happy to get in the ground as happy as I was to get them out of the closet.  
 I wasn't willing to handle all of the plant starts this year like I have in the past.  Bending in half is hard enough without needing to transplant and then baby hundreds of little plants and their roots.  But we did plant a lot of seeds right in the ground.
 The few starts we did get were from our local greenhouse.  A few tomatoes and cucumbers in our greenhouse and broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini in the main garden.
 Ethan loved playing in dirt and water that came with gardening but this year Abigail was super excited to be a helper.  Anything that needed done she was there wanting to help us out.  She had so much fun planting pea seeds with daddy.  
 One fun addition we have this year are rock creatures that the kids made for us.  As we wait each day for our seeds to germinate it is fun to see a little color and sparkle amongst the beds.
Yes, the garden is in and just in time too.  Soon we will have a new little baby to care for and the garden won't have too much of our time.  But with everything in the ground we can sit back and watch things grow.  


Anonymous said...

Looks BIG to ME!!!

mother said...

With little Farmer Joe and Farmer Jill helping, you'll have plenty of hands to weed and water! haha

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