April 3, 2014

Working Through The LIst

On Monday when I showed you Ethan's bathrobe I mentioned that Abigail had requested it for her brother, along with a long list of other Mama creations.  The second on that list to come off of my machine was a dress for Abigail.  Lucky for this mama my girl lets a simple jumper qualify as the dress she requested.  
The origin of the fabric is fun.  When Abigail was really little, less than one, she already loved going to fabric stores.  She would ohh and ahh over fabrics, textures, colors and designs.  When she was about 10 months old she fell in love with this fabric.  At the time I agreed with my girl it was super cute and bought a few yards.  Then I put the fabric away and it has waited for something.  When I found the jumper pattern and Abigail got excited about that I then pulled out the fabric and was pleased to see 2 1/2 years later Abigail was still in love with these bright colors.  Someday I will make a more complicated/frilly dress for Abigail but for now this fits my "I need to wear a dress every time I leave the house" girl and her trips to play, story hour, the museum and more.  But with the presentation of this jumper I crossed off an item on the to do list and added a "matching dress for Anna" onto the pile of creations being requested.


Anonymous said...

Kathleen, this is super cute! carol e

mother said...

I think it's amazing that she is so aware of colors and shapes and fabrics. I remember pushing her around in the cart at the fabric store and she would reach out and nuzzle certain ones with such joy! This dress is super cute and she will be wild to have one for Anna! Such a clever mama you are.

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