April 2, 2014

Whatever You Say

This month will mark 7 years since we bought our land.  It also marks 7 years of working on building our house.  There has been a lot of breaks over the years but this winter/spring saw some increased activity.
 Josh, and his helpers (who at the time of this picture still had hair), have been busy recently getting ready for one big thing...our final house inspection.  When you build a house yourself you really need to have each step inspected so that if/when you sell it you can hand the new owner a document saying the foundation, framing, electrical, drywall and all are in good shape and were completed correctly.
We hired our inspector back in 2007.  When I called a few weeks ago to schedule the final inspection they had a little trouble finding our information.  Well, the man hasn't come out to see our place since the drywall was hung in 2008 so maybe just a little time has passed since we started work on the finishing touches.  He came yesterday, I was a nervous mess as I always am, Josh nodded yes at all the right places when the man talked and he left us with a small list of must dos.  So the next few weeks will find us putting in those handrails (we really had hoped we could avoid doing those), putting in more carbon monoxide detectors and such.  The inspector will have to come out one more time but hopefully by this time next month, definitely before the baby, we will be able to say the "new" construction on our house is done!  

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mother said...

That boy is watching his daddy work and build. Wondering if he is starting to learn how to develop those same skills. What a team they will make!

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