April 8, 2014

What Are You Going To Build Next?

Ethan is a wiggly little guy.  He is doing better and better at naptime/nighttime story time but for the most part he really doesn't want to stay still for too long.  If we are reading a story that he finds too boring he begs to get down and we have to convince him that story time means quietly sitting for those few minutes.
But as a mama who is teaching this and working at instilling the love of reading into my boy I find great humor in this picture.  You see when you combine daddy and a woodworking magazine Ethan will sit forever.  He loves to look at the pictures and "talk" with his dad about all the things they can build together.  Maybe instead of reading kids books at story time we need to start incorporating in more floor plans and woodworking cut lists for projects.    

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Time for Josh to cut off that hair like Ethan's! Those last few blades are holding on for dear life :)

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