April 11, 2014

The Way One Is Loved

My very favorite part of visiting family these days is watching my kids be loved.  I love them to pieces but it is such a joy in life to know that there are other people who do too.
 We did fun things while visiting Josh's parents but the very best times were at the house watching the kids interact with their grandparents.  Ethan was his grandpa's best friend.  These too loved to hang out together and we did discover that grandpa's garage is anything but child proof.  But that only means to Ethan that there was more fun to find.
 Abigail thought Grammie's craft cabin was the best place in the world.  Every single day they were found out there doing some sort of craft.  Beads, jewels, pretty colors and things to enjoy were discovered.  Abigail is so in tune with design, colors, textures and such that this was just up her alley!    
And on the rare morning when Abigail slept in a little, Ethan got to enjoy one on one arts and cracks with Grammie as well.  What a wonderful time it was for him to glue, paste and rip to his heart content with no big sister taking over.  It was just him and his creative grammie all set to create.  

Yes, I do love my kids but the love they get from family and close friends fill their lives in a way I can't do.  How thankful I am they had four days of this special kind of love.

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Beth said...

My little Matty is my father-in-law's shadow, too. It's pretty sweet. :)

I love Abigail's little fingers in the corner of the shot with Grammie, doing crafts. Now she's had a taste of new crafty stuff! Watch out, Mama!

I know what you mean about when other people love your children. I love them dearly and there is nothing I wouldn't do for them - ! But it is a special thing to see others so invested in them, too.

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