April 14, 2014

The Next Best Thing

If you remember, Josh's dad came to our house in February for a snowmachine trip.  The kids learned to love the snowmachines.  When they found out they were going to grandpa's house they asked after those snowmachines.

But southern Alaska warms up sooner than the interior and so even though there was snow there wasn't a ton.  (envision me with a shovel digging into small snow piles looking for clean snow to eat those few days we were there).
So the snowmachines were put up for the summer but lucky for the kids the 4-wheelers were out and ready for use.
 This spot, in front of his driver on a 4-wheeler, became Ethan's favorite place to be.  No matter how long or frequent his rides were he always was asking for more.  He would point to the door of the house and say voom voom as a way of begging for each ride.
 Since the rides were on the back roads, not trails, the baby and I were able to also able to get out with Abigail on several rides.  Not sure if I should feel bad but whenever we would get back from a ride she would ask that her next ride be with grandpa instead of me.  Humm..
On one ride with Abigail she stopped me to pat the 4-wheeler she was riding to say, "Mama, we need to get one of these."  Well my girl not today - maybe someday. 

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