April 29, 2014

That Place

Do you have a place in the world that you love?  A place that makes you excited, a place where you dream of being, a place that when you round the last curve gives you butterflies in your stomach because you just can't wait to get there?  
 I do.  It is my favorite place on earth.  A place where the volcanoes (like Augustine), rise up out of the clouds to greet me and make me feel home.
 To me this place is Homer, Alaska.  I did all of my graduate field work here, and on Augustine, and then have visited off an on in the years since.  But much to my dismay as of last month it had been 6 years since I visited this precious place.
 So when Josh and I were visiting his parents in Soldotna we decided to take part of a day and head south that extra 100 miles for a quick visit.  The really fun part was that my in-laws watched the kids so Josh and I took this little trip alone.  Those 8 hours were the longest I have ever been away from both kids but 8 hours with their grandparents were anything but a trial for them.  I do not believe they didn't miss us at all.
 Josh and I took a lot of time that day to be slow, quiet, peaceful and relaxed.  We did things we love.  We wandered through art galleries, ate at a "fancy" place for lunch where no food was thrown or smashed, and then walked on the beach.
I love the beaches in Homer but to Josh the 40 mile hour winds and mid-thirties temperatures weren't all that pleasant.
 But as I stood on the edge of the water, viewed the mountains, glaciers, the water and volcanoes I couldn't help but smile - and pull my hat a little tighter on my head.
Yes, there are many wonderful places in this world and I know I will love a lot of them but to me there is nothing like Homer.  Homer and my favorite glass house.  Maybe someday I will make it back there to stay.  We will see.  


Anonymous said...

Yes- mine is the cabin in Saco, Maine. I love your glass house ;-) Even if all the window do open to a public beach! haha.

mother said...

How great to have a wonderful place to love like Homer, Alaska. I am so glad you shared it with me a few years ago--It was Labor Day, 2009--4 1/2 years ago, Sweetie. The Spit, our cabin, and the wild walk to the Russian community where we almost got run over on the winding mt road.


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