April 30, 2014

Thank You Home Depot

While visiting my in-laws my mother-in-law and I had the chance to attend an art class put on by our friend Amy Adcox.   
While we ladies were working with beach glass, glass beads and resin the dads (and one grandpa) took the kids to the Home Depot free arts and activity day. 
Josh and I have no idea if our local Home Depot participates in this program but it is something we are going to have to look into it, the kids loved it.
And they came home with two homemade bird feeders that they created and are super proud of.  It turned out to be a fun art morning for all.  

1 comment:

lindajo said...

So much fun! i have ideas running thru my brain for making more of the resin suncatchers.
The birdfeeders are so cute and you will alll get to enjoy the birds.

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