April 28, 2014

Something Special

Yesterday was my sister's birthday.  To celebrate this special occasion I made her a doublish Shawlette
 It was my first attempt at such a project and I do have to say that I am very happy I had a deadline.  Very small needles and very small yarn makes for a lot of stitches needed in such an item.  
Without telling her what I was making I found out that her favorite accent color of the day is yellow.  So yellow I did.  I was nervous of the color at first but now I am in love.  It turned out so bright and fun.  If the thought of making another one wasn't so daunting I just might make one for myself.  I guess I do need to wait awhile so the memory of the work dies down a little before casting on those 300 stitches once again.  

The most important part is that she loves it and that makes the work all worth it.  It certainly was fun to make something new, challenging and special for the most wonderful person.  Happy birthday my sister, I love you.


lindajo said...

Absolutally beautiful. I can see H laughing and having fun while using it. She will wear it with pride and joy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your blood, sweat and tears! It was worth it- a beautiful job done- better than even the picture!

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