April 22, 2014

Season For Eggs

One of my favorite parts of this time of year is that arts and crafts get moved outside.
 Since I am still finding spots of dye on my walls for last year's egg dying I jumped at the chance to move this year's egg project out into the sun.
 And since the very hardest part of egg dying is keeping the kids happy and occupied while we wait for batches of eggs to actually dye, the crayons were pulled out.  Abigail got into the drawing but with Ethan it took a lot of patience for these parents too keep Ethan happy since all he really wanted to do was drop eggs into the pretty water.
 But in the end the eggs were dyed and it was fun.  I have now dyed eggs with both kids four times but this was the first time Josh joined us.  It made for a fun family event for sure!
 Come Sunday the kids enjoyed eggs of the plastic kind.  Earlier in the week we had a little egg hunt at mooseketeers group so when we handed them their baskets these guys knew just what to do.
 It was so fun to have an Easter late enough in April that we were able to have our egg hunt outside.  Josh did a great job hiding the eggs in and around the yard where the kids could get them without completely submerging themselves into the mud puddles.
They loved the hunt but really loved the discovery.  When we went to stuff the eggs Josh had asked me just what we were going to fill them with.  I smiled as I said one mini-jelly bean.  Just one Josh asked and I nodded yes.  How fun it was for the kids to get to open all their eggs and eat the discoveries with us not limiting it.  As Abigail went to bed Sunday night her last request was for another hunt soon.  With a bag 95% full of jelly beans I do believe that we might be having another little hunt in our future, why limit the fun.  

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Anonymous said...

Did Ethan get the "stick out tongue for better concentration" pose from mother?! Seriously!? Hilarious


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