April 25, 2014


Yesterday we reached 34 weeks with our new little lady.
 After a hard time walking when pregnant with Ethan we rejoice every single day that I am still able to move, walk, bend and lift each day of this pregnancy.  We did invest in a 4" memory foam mattress topper recently and I will say, that has helped this back of mine feel much, much better each morning!  But oh, the late stages of pregnancy.  A time when everything is big (feet, ankles, belly) and even though we know there are just a few more weeks to go it really does feel like the end will never come.  
As the days warm towards spring we are daily watching the snow in the yard melt away.  Even with an increase in my iron supplements I look forward to my daily bowl full of snow each evening.  Josh is so good to me and not only fills that bowl each night but the other day before the large portions of snow were gone he stored some up in buckets for me.  Those buckets in our freezer will hopefully get us through the next six (or so) weeks until we meet our little girl.  It will be here before we know it, lots to get done and days are flying by!


Anonymous said...

That picture of you is beautiful! My favorite pregnant picture ever... love you!

mother said...

what a neat, artsy picture of you along the beach. Very nice. I'll be thankful when that pica is done!!!!! HOpefully your snow supply will last until then.

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