April 7, 2014

Growth Hormones

I know each stage of life brings changes and lessons but the life of a three year old isn't always what I thought it would be.  
 Life with my girl is so up and down at times.  We have so much fun but it can take next to nothing to have her shut down.
 As her mother I am learning the balance between wanting her to snap out of a blue mood/fit and instead learning what she needs.  What we are finding is that my outgoing usually happy little lady does need her space.
When she starts to act out I suggest she goes to her room to calm down.  There she plays with her stuffed animals, looks at her books and in 20-30 minutes she comes out my once again happy child.  I know girls react based a lot on their hormones, myself included, but the levels of ups and downs at this point was not expected but we are working each day on figuring it out.  Oh the challenges of parenthood, may I find rest at night to face the next day.  


mother said...

Time alone pondering or meditating or "reading" books is healthy and wise. Good plan, Mama. We can all use moments like those.

Anonymous said...

What a great discovery this was!

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