April 24, 2014

Doctors In The House

If you remember, on my sewing list was Abigail's request for a Doctor's coat.  She and I had a lot of fun going to JoAnn's where she picked out her favorite fabric.  I brainstormed for a long time on how to make the coat since I couldn't find a pattern for just what she wanted, that was until after I made Ethan's bathrobe.  I realized if I could just make a simple version of that and it would work perfect.  I pieced Abigail's coat together and she tried it on once before I finished.  It was during that try on that Ethan begged and begged to try on her coat too.
 It was then that I realized this coat was super special and needed to be treated as such.  So I finished Abigail's coat in the evening when she couldn't see it and after her's was done I put one together for the little brother.  With the bathrobe pattern in hand I made the robe with snaps and two big pockets and no belt.  
 Their Easter present from mama and daddy were the coats and Grammie Klynstra rounded out the day perfectly with a doctor kit.
 Let me tell you, these kids are in heaven.  
 Abigail has loved, just loved, going to all of my OB appointments and she has picked up on a lot of dr. activities.  
 Ethan has then picked up on all that Abigail does.  Between the two of them there are injections, band-aides, reflex testing, heart beat listening and blood pressures being taken.  
And where some of the pokes and prods do hurt a little, Josh and I don't mind being the patients too much at all.  A time when the kids ask us to lay on the couch while they play, why that is fun for all I say!

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mother said...

Paging Dr Klynstra! Paging Dr. Klynstra! Looks like an emergency finger amputation is underway without any anesthesia. Oh my! That will NEVER do!

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