April 15, 2014

Break Up

In Alaska we have different seasons than most of the country.  Well, we at least call them something different.  Instead of spring we have what we like to call break up.  This season can go on and on with everything freezing at night and then thawing during the days.  You never know when it might snow or be 50 degrees during break up season.  And I am here to interrupt our vacation pictures to show you what is going on in our world this week.
 This picture was taken on Sunday afternoon.  Our super dry snow had finally reached the perfect packing abilities for just a day.
 And then this was yesterday.  Puddles, puddles and more puddles to play in.
And the chore of getting all of the hard pack snow off of the driveway so that the cars can drive up the slush.
Yes indeed, it does appear that break up is here.  Winter gear is soaking wet, our break up boots are out of storage (mud boots), and I am eating as much as this precious snow as I can before it is gone.  But then again, you never know...we could get another snow storm in a few days.  We will have to wait to see.


lindajo said...

Love seeing A jumping in the puddles.

mother said...

Ah, the sweet days of "Spring"-birds chirping, flowers blooming, April showers--wait! That doesn't describe break up at all. oops!

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