April 17, 2014


As a mom I am learning that any and all big equipment is worth slowing down for.  I have had many strange looks from the drivers of graters, dump truck drivers, garbage men and more.  I pull up beside them and drive as slowly as traffic will allow so the kids and enjoy the view.
 So you can imagine my excitement when I spotted and empty lot right near my in-law's house that had some big equipment on site.
 Letting the kids have a few minutes to climb up and check everything out for themselves was so fun for them and a joy for me to watch as well.
We all know there are many things that we enjoy as children but outgrow as we get older.  The fascination with big machines is one of these things that my kids won't always find so breath taking.  So for now I am enjoying this time with the kids.  A time when I can make their day great just by spotting a large truck or machine for them to admire.  There are certainly things that make viewing the world through a child's eyes fun.

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