March 7, 2014

With The Snowmachines In Town

The day before Josh's big trip and the day after were fun days for the kids.  
 Those were days that both daddy, grandpa and the snowmachines were home.  
 Our kids get very, very excited about just the sound of a snowmachine so you can imagine their joy at riding them as well.
 And since Grandpa brought two snowmachines they didn't have to take turns, they could all go out at the same time and have fun together.  The kids really never got tired of their rides.  Josh and Grandpa took them out twice a day and still they were bugging for more.  Little Ethan loved the rides but more than a 1/2 hour away from home and he will start to fall asleep while snuggled up to his rider.  Those snowmachine motors were just too much for him.  
Lucky for me and BK Deluxe, we got to take a short run out with Josh as well.  Thanks to grandpa for watching the kids for a hour so that Josh and I could enjoy some fresh air together.  I did learn that snowmachining on bumpy trails isn't the best if you are 7 months pregnant but a short ride was still enjoyed by all.  Our new little lady is going to arrive already loving the trail, just like her daddy.  


Anonymous said...

BK DELUX? Very cute! haha.

That is a very fun Alaskan adventure for the whole family.

heath said...

such fun out in the snow :) I love that your family gets to do this together and that the kids love it so much!!!!

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