March 20, 2014

When Mama Naps

The other day I took a mid-day nap.  Abigail was super sweet and "tucked me in" and as she left me to rest she grabbed a magazine off of my nightstand to "read."  (It was a Better Homes and Garden with a pink cover for Valentine's day.  This girl cracks me up.)  Well, by the time I was rested and had made my way back downstairs she had gone through every page of that magazine with daddy.  They had come across the recipes in the back and decided the picture of the red velvet cake looked especially appealing.  They both looked and me with those eyes and what could I do...
That day we set out as a family in the making of a red velvet cake, one to look just like the picture in the magazine.  When my family asks just how can I refuse?  

Extra thanks go to my Aunt Debby who sent me the package full of magazines.  You have brought joy to the entire family.


heath said...

oh man---at first I thought this was going to read that Josh & kiddos made this cake while you were napping ;)
regardless, I hope it was wonderful! cute picture of the three :)

mother said...

So how did you get the angle on this picture?? Did you sit on the counter? Now THAT I wish I could have seen?!