March 6, 2014

Time For The Boys

Last week was a very special and memorable week for Josh.  His dad drove the long 10 hr. drive up from southern Alaska with a truck full of snowmachines and gear.  Josh took the week off work and the two boys went out into the snowy world together.
 With the machines and sled loaded up they headed into the white mountains, an area of federal land north of Fairbanks.
 There they dug a huge hole in the snow, set up their tent and settled in for some rest from...
 The hours and hours of exploring they did on their snowmachines.  These guys had so much fun, had amazing winter weather, beautiful stars at night, thankfully no mechanical trouble and managed to put 60-70 miles of exploring on each of the machines every day they were out.  
 Their evenings were spent under the stars, tucked into dug out snow holes as wind protection, watching their bonfire.  They ate meat, talk about boy stuff, and stretched their sore muscles (riding a snowmachine is hard work for those that might not know).
 The second to last day of their trip they packed up, drove a little further up the road to the trailhead for Tolovana hotsprings.  There it was another 11 mile ride in but this time instead of a tent they were headed to a cabin.
What a way to end a great trip, time to soak in hot tubs out under the stars.  If I mention this trip to Josh at all he gets a big grin on his face and will tell me something new they saw, talked about, did, or enjoyed.  When I asked Josh to describe the trip for the blog he said, "it was so much fun and went way too fast."  Yes, it was definitely one for the books for both of these guys!

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heath said...

loved these pics of father and son getting time together. it looks beautiful skys.

I love THS (great memories for Kev and I)...I def don't remember that cabin being there when I went..maybe a newer one?

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