March 18, 2014

Those Random/Simple Times

Long ago, before kids, Josh and I used to garage sale for legos for Josh.  Once we came upon this great find.  It was a rubbermaid tote over half full of legos, and a few other things.  At the time Josh sorted out the legos and was going to throw away the other toys.  But instead I bagged them up and said, "someday we will have a little boy and he will love these."  Well, the other day the kids and I found that bag.  It was full of little match box type cars and action figures.  I really thought the action figures were too advanced for the kids but instead have found that they love them.  Abigail calls them the "kids" and I find Ethan playing with them daily since their discovery.  

This little video, my boys playing with action figures and Abigail singing in the background, is really one of my favorites.  I love it because these are the times that I love as a family.  Doing nothing amazing except hanging out together and enjoying simple things.
On this special St. Patrick's day remembering times like this makes me feel lucky indeed.

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heath said...

this on had me smiling and giggling. First of all---Ethan and his daddy---two peas in a pad. I love how E is just all very different from A. I love how he watches daddy, then looks to you when daddy does. He's just wanting to be just like daddy.
And then there's sweet A--singing her heart out while coloring---not a care in the world ;) so very sweet. Then her 'embarrassed' reaction :) is she not USED to the camera by now?
thanks for posting...and I must say--I'M ALL CAUGHT UP!

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