March 28, 2014

Those Quick Moments

Spring seems to be arriving to Alaska.  Spring here is different here than most other places in the world.   But we do love to hear dripping water and we see the sun has finally returned in full force.  
 And how do we celebrate these sunny days, taking in as much of them as possible.  Whenever we are in the basement and the stove gets a little hot we just open the door and take a quick breath.
A quick run out into the open and take a deep breath of fresh air.  Later in the day we will put on all of our snow gear and really go sledding, crawling and digging.    
Soon the snow will really melt and the mud might once again limit us but for now quick runs work.  


mother said...

Still looks like A LOT of snow needs to melt away. whew!! Boy, Abigail looks so grown up in that first pic and Ethan fits that tutu very well in the last one. haha

Anonymous said...

Seriously with the dresses, Ethan?! Poor thing doesn't know any better- he just does anything A tells him is cute. I hope he gets back at her some day.

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