March 3, 2014

This Works

Abigail's little kitchen area has been a work in progress for awhile.  Josh built the fridge a year and a half ago, the little oven was a golden find and the counter/sink...well, that was my main problem.
 You see Josh built the L shaped counter a year ago and then it sat and sat.  He talked of some day adding cabinets/shelves but we never got there.  Last fall I bought the faucet and we mounted the bowl for a sink and still, nothing happened from there.  I asked my mother to help when she visited last fall but we ran out of time.  I have mentioned it to Josh here and there but we never followed through.  So the other day I decided I need to just push ahead.
 My artistic skills aren't as good as Josh's but then this project was for a 3 year old and a 1 year old.  Not too complicated, right?  
 So one night I cracked out the paints (arts and cracks has helped me with my skills too) and painted a little window.  Abigail loves all things connected to the sun and the moon so I decided to make it a sunny day with flowers.  I put up a curtain rod, sewed pink and white curtains, and suddenly things were picking up.  I bought hooks (which Ethan pulled off in seconds so later the next day I mounted screws instead) for their special dishes and sewed two little purple oven mitts.  
The finishing touch was a phone I found at the second hand store.  Big buttons, a cord and all makes it the kids' favorite part of their makeover.  
And with that their kitchen was fixed up and I was so excited.  That night I had trouble sleeping.  It felt sort of like Christmas Eve when everything is set up for discovery the next morning.  I did this project last week and every day since there has been play in this little corner of the house.  Abigail loves to make phone calls to me to tell me about her day while she makes dinner.  Fun for all!!


lindajo said...

Love the window, nice job mom!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is such a cute little kitchen! You did a great job with the window- it is not how I imagined it- it is BETTER! Good job.


heath said...

Kathleen--you should be so proud!! I love the window and all the sewn stuff!! and of course, hanging the phone :) Great job momma!! so very sweet and fun!!! You are a great momma!

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