March 24, 2014

So Uninspired

I work well with my meal calendar.  Each week/week and a half I sit down with the calendar, cookbooks and grocery list.  I pick out meals for our family based on what time I will have each day to cook, what ingredients we have around, and what we all enjoy eating.  

This entire process has gotten faster and faster since I started several years ago.  Please don't envision me sitting for a hour to do this.  More it is like the stuff gets spread on the counter and I come and go with that calendar throughout a morning until the week is full.  I really enjoy opening the office door in the morning and just looking to see what needs defrosted or prepared each day rather than coming up with something new at 4pm daily.  

I also don't hold myself to the calendar.  If something comes up some day then the meal can move to a different day and something new will be created.  It is a good system and works for me...most of the time.  But you see this pregnancy is starting to get in the way.  Right now I could live on Snow (Josh's post Friday was great but I don't think you realize how strong this craving is these days.  I almost pulled the car over the other day to grab a chunk of snow off the side of the road.) or cottage cheese and fruit.  

On the to do list right now is "meal calendar" which means it is once again time to plan out next week's meals.  But the thought of sitting down to an enchilada, meatball, bowl of rice or piece of cooked meat doesn't sound good at all.  Nope, all I can see in my head is cottage cheese and fruit.  This might work well for me and the baby but the other three in my family, I think they want/need more.  So here I sit writing about my woes instead of planning the meals.  Something will change, responsibility to my family instead of giving in to my food cravings will win out but for now...maybe cold cereal will feed everyone tonight and I can just have a bowl of cottage cheese and fruit.  


Anonymous said...

Why do mom's love pictures of their adorable kids with food mashed all over their face... I am instantly feeling uninspired to do much more than throw-up!

heath said...

I stinking LOVE this blog post...the honesty--the craziness--the passion that you have for...SNOW!! ha!!! I've been laughing every time I think of J's post on Friday..and now this....SO AWESOME!!!! What a great story you'll tell your sweet babe one day!!! love you friend!
Hil--your comment cracks me makes me think of the fact that I always told myself i'd never let my kids go in public snotty...ha...that battle was lost after child 1

Jonathan said...

Did you know? Apparently you are suffering from something called "Pica"? I shared your craving for snow with Kim this morning and she said "Pica! Cool!"

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