March 12, 2014

Sister, Brother and Tutus

As I look at my kids each day I can't help but smile.
This adventure in parenting is so fun, rewarding, tiring, humorous and hard.
Was today a good day?  Did I make the right decisions?  Did we "learn" enough today?  Did I express my love to the kids enough today?  Are they growing confidently but humbly?  
So hard this journey is but so worth it.  As I put these two to bed last night I was so tired and looking forward to the rest but at the same time so sad that when I see them again tomorrow they will be yet another day older.  Please dear Lord, help me find the balance and enjoy today!


Anonymous said...

A's bangs look great- that first picture should be framed forever. Very cute

heath said...

Kathleen--the looks on kids faces and the way they hug and interact in these pics (granted, if only for a 'moment'......) shows you are doing a fabulous job momma!!
Love these pics!!! Caroline loves them too!!!

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