March 17, 2014

Lucky Green

Over the weekend I declared that we need to do something to get us in the mood for St. Patrick's day.  
 After hemming and hawing about this or that we finally decided on cookies, much to the joy of our crowd.  
 And since these cookies were going to be our lucky cookies they had to be green, even to the point of accidentally dumping in almost the entire bottle of green food coloring.  More green is luckier right?
And since we didn't have a shamrock, rainbow or gold pot cookie cutter Josh and I decided on the little boy and sheep cutters.  Leprechauns taking care of their sheep.  That is pretty Irish, isn't it?  

Have a wonderful day and may you have the luck of the Irish with you always!  

1 comment:

heath said...

so very cute!!! i love the boys and sheep...very perfect!! and yummy I bet!!!

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