March 25, 2014

Klynstra Mario Cart

Our kids love to play dress up.  There's rarely a day that goes by that doesn't involve several costume changes.
 But the other day Ethan found his halloween costume at the bottom of the drawer and he was super excited to see his dragon outfit - something other than a tutu has to be exciting right?
 But with him all decked out in green and spikes and Abigail pretty in pink with her tiara we realized we had our very own version of mario cart in the basement.
 And with that the race began...
Princess pulls ahead.  Fun times for all.

1 comment:

heath said...

such a fun post...and so fun to see Ethan is a little boys costume :) they are having so much fun and you can see it all over their faces ;) ohhh, to be a kid again ;)

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