March 14, 2014

It Really Wasn't Supposed To Happen That Way

The other day the kids and I were in the bathroom.  
 The time had come to trim Abigail's bangs.  It is a simple thing that doesn't take too much.  As Abigail gets older she is so good at sitting still and being patient as I do my best to achieve a straight line.
 After I was done with Abigail I looked over at Ethan's hair.  It really needed a quick trim over the ears and along the neck line.  Things that were baby cute were started to become a little bit of fly aways.  I originally was going to wait for Josh to help me out with holding our little guy still for his first cut but as I looked at him sitting there I spontaneously decided I could give it a try.  

Before I continue you need to know that cutting a little boy's hair is very different from a little girl's hair and I had no experience.

I reached over and started to cut and looked in shock at the locks of hair that fell off my boy's head.  Oh no, what had I done.  His wispy red hair was a lot longer then it first appears and what I did was irreversible.  I cried and decided that I had to wait for daddy to come to finish the rest of this horrible first hair cut.  I just couldn't bring myself to do anymore damage.  
The only way to really fix my over eager attempt at a haircut was to cut off all of my little man's hair to match the mistake.  What a sad time it was to see those red locks fall into the sink.
I am a little sad each time I look at Ethan's head but Ethan doesn't mind and Josh actually likes it, "he has a good looking head and now you can see it." has been his remark.  Thankfully a good friend of mine told me that the difference between a bad haircut for a little boy and a good haircut is just two weeks.  That is encouraging but since it took Ethan 18 months to grow his hair in the first place I do believe we are going to have to wait a little longer to see that soft red once again.


Anonymous said...

Does Ethan have on a purple bead necklace?

heath said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :) I know you've already told me the story but you didn't tell me YOU CRIED!!!! Your friends advice is right!!!! I think their hair grows much faster ;) hang in there!! he's still adorable!

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